On Thursday, December 27th, MTA hosted its second Mishmar Madness of the year, where talmidim experienced the kedusha of Shabbos on Thursday night.  The Shabbos-themed event included rotating shiurim with MTA rebbeim on the topic of preparing for Shabbos, a delicious Shabbos seudah complete with chulent and kugel, and a Q&A panel, where talmidim had the opportunity to have their halachic and hashkafic Shabbos-related questions answered by their rebbeim.  MTA also welcomed a group of 8th Graders to the event, where they continued experiencing all of the amazing things the yeshiva has to offer. MTA will expand further on the theme of Shabbos at its Parent-Son Learning event on Tuesday, January 1st, where parents, talmidim, and rebbeim will explore the topic of Turning Shabbos Into Shabbos Kodesh.


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