On Thursday, January 3rd, MTA’s Model UN Team visited the United Nations and the Permanent Mission of China.  In preparation for the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations in February, the team has been learning about how the UN works, as well as the policies of both China and the UN, which culminated with this trip.  The trip began with a tour of the United Nations, where the team saw the rooms where the Security Council and General Assembly meet and learned about important UN efforts such as disarmament, economic opportunity, and peacekeeping.  The tour helped the team appreciate the important work that the UN does and will also help the delegates better understand their job in their various committees at YUNMUN.

The highlight of the day was their visit to the Permanent Mission of China, where nine consular officials briefed the team on issues affecting their committees and took questions on sensitive political issues.  From human rights to food waste to the status of Myanmar and the South China Sea, these officials explained Chinese positions on some of the important current issues. As leaders of one of the founding nations of the UN, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and the most populous country on earth, it was impressive and greatly appreciated that these busy officials took time out of their busy day to meet with high school students.


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