MTA hosted its third community Shabbaton of the year in Monsey on February 15 – 16th.  “We are fortunate that our yeshiva consists of talmidim from many different communities,” said Director of Student Activities Elie Hirt.  “In an effort to promote achdus among all of our talmidim, as well as provide additional opportunities for talmidim to spend time with one another and their rebbeim outside the classroom, we plan events in various communities throughout the year.”  Talmidim who live in the hosting communities are encouraged to invite their friends for Shabbos. “We hosted a group of the nicest MTA boys for the Monsey Shabbaton,” said Mrs. Stacey Betsalel, mother of Shmuel (‘22).  “It was a pleasure to see all of the boys together and we appreciate the yeshiva’s efforts on our son’s behalf!

Talmidim kicked off the Shabbaton with a grade-wide hockey tournament on Thursday night, February 14th, and had a great time bonding with each other and Hockey Coaches Rabbi Evan Genachowski (JV) and Rabbi Yoni Stone (Varsity).  Shabbos programming began on Friday night with an uplifting Kabbalas Shabbos at Kehillas Bais Yehudah, followed by a lively seudah and Tisch and continued on to Shabbos day with more inspiring Divrei Torah, energetic meals, and meaningful davening.

“Between our sons Binyamin (‘20) and Dovi (‘22), we hosted 11 boys for the Shabbaton.  It was so nice to see 11th Graders and 9th Graders hanging out with each other,” said Mr. Chaim and Mrs. Nechama Friedman.  “We were really blown away by the midos these boys had. We know it’s a testament to their parents, but it is also a testament to MTA; their teachers, rebbeim, Grade Deans, and Administrators.  There was no difference if you were in 11th Grade or 9th Grade, everyone was nice to each other and it felt like one big family. That is what the school teaches them and that is why we love MTA so much.”


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