By: Andrew Jacobson (’20)

The high-flying MTA Varsity Soccer Lions brought home another win on Thursday, March 7th.  The Lions masterfully faced the adversity of the intimidating Flatbush gym and beat the fast and aggressive Falcons 10-5.  The game started off slow, with backup goalie Ariel Retter (‘19) facing an arsenal of shots and making a series of incredible saves.  After scoring two goals, MTA let up its first goal of the season.  The Lions put their foot on the gas and ended up leading 7-2 after the second, thanks to Hudy Weiss (‘19) and Rachamim Seltzer (‘20), scoring 8 of the team’s ten goals.  It’s clear that Seltzer has made huge strides and become a leader for the younger team members.  At the start of the third, MTA hit a snag, as Flatbush scored three goals in a short period of time.  This, coupled with the loss of Tzvi Eisen (‘20) in the third, made it a difficult quarter.  Freshman Yonah Josse scored his first goal of the season and things started to look better for the Lions.  Late in the fourth, the Lions were up 8-5 and in need of some spirit.  Senior Dovid Ackerman joined the game and brought a new level of energy to the squad. Ackerman being the common denominator in the two late goals is sure to see the court more often, as MTA rides this two game winning streak.  The resilience of this year’s team is evident in the hard fought battle at Flatbush, as Coach Amsalem keeps his team on fire down the road.


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