On Shabbos March 8-9, talmidim in MTA’s Yeshiva Fellowship program enjoyed a meaningful and uplifting Shabbaton. The Shabbaton kicked off with a Friday afternoon football tournament and bowling and moved on to beautiful davening, inspiring divrei Torah, learning sedarim, and delicious seudahs, and ended with an exciting Melave Malka. Talmidim spent the entire Shabbos learning from one another and their Mashgichim and inspiring each other to continue achieving greater accomplishments in their Torah learning and ahavas yisroel.  MTA’s unique Yeshiva Fellowship program provides talmidim with additional opportunities to grow in Torah and to develop both communally and individually. Talmidim benefit from the personal guidance of a dedicated Mashgiach for each cohort. With the participation of Rav Hershel Schachter, distinguished Posek and RIETS Rosh Yeshiva/ Rosh Kollel, and Rav Mayer Twersky, esteemed RIETS Rosh Yeshiva and head of the Yeshiva University Masmidim Honors Program, Yeshiva Fellowship talmidim take full advantage of being part of RIETS, which includes following a special halacha curriculum, hearing chaburos from other RIETS Roshei Yeshiva, and a weekly Night Seder. Yeshiva Fellowship talmidim also participate in special trips, programs, Melave Malkas, and Shabbatons like this one.


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