By: Andrew Jacobson (‘20)

After recently experiencing their first regular season loss in three years, The MTA Soccer Lions were ready for a comeback as they headed to Magen David on Sunday, March 24th.  Right out of the gate, Senior and Team Captain Hudy Weiss (‘19) scored three goals in the opening minutes to give MTA an early lead. Although the Lions cooled down a little, they ended the first quarter up 5-2, thanks to goals from Junior duo Tzvi Eisen and Kovi Pahmer.  The Magen David Warriors were not happy to be down so much that early on and turned up the heat for 3 unanswered goals to start the second quarter. After trading goals, MTA goalie Ariel Retter (‘19) hit a stunning long distance goal, bringing the score to 6-6 nearing the half.  In the final minutes of the half, Hudy Weiss crossed to Andrew Jacobson (‘20) for a last second goal, but it was called no goal on account of sliding. After failing to gain the edge at the end of the first half, MTA looked to rebound from a sloppy second quarter. The second half began with another Weiss goal, which was met seconds later by MDY with a goal of their own.  After being stuck at 7-7 for a considerable amount of time, MTA finally got the spark they needed. Ariel Retter made a save on a penalty kick, then tactfully dove to save the rebound. This fired up the Lions, in particular Mendel Hein, (20’) who made his presence known with three of the four goals that closed out the third quarter. MTA, now up 11-8, scored four goals in the fourth, thanks to Pahmer and Weiss.  Weiss’ eight goals showed his resilience in rebounding from his first regular season loss since he was a Freshman, and he did so in stunning fashion. Tzvi Eisen solidified the Lions’ defense in the second half. Eisen faced several odd man breakaways, and against all odds, managed to keep the ball clear of the MTA goal. The Lions never let up and walked away with a 15-8 victory.


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