By: Moshe Inger (‘20)

On Wednesday, April 3rd, MTA’s Honors College participated in an interactive discussion with  Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman (‘92), MTA alum and Associate Director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism.  Rabbi Tuchman discussed anti-semitism in American history and the modern world and distinguished between hard core anti-semites and those who may not be racist, but were influenced by stereotypical images of Jews that have been perpetuated throughout history.  Together, the group read anti-semitic texts from the early 20th Century that were directed against Jewish immigrants and compared them to some of the extremist views of today.   Rabbi Tuchman also led a Q&A session which sparked more engaging conversations. MTA talmidim enjoyed this experiential learning opportunity and look forward to exploring more intriguing topics at their next Honors College meeting.


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