On Monday, April 8th, the Honors College held another successful debate on the following Resolution: Societies Inevitably Produce Elites Who Are the Best Source for Effective Government.  This was the second debate topic drawn from the American Dialogue, a recent book by Joseph Ellis, which focuses on issues central to American politics today.  The format was similar to that of the last debate, where students were divided into two teams with each side presenting their positions and critiquing the positions of the other teams.  This time, Freshman and Sophomore teams faced off against each other, while the Junior and Senior Honors College cohorts conducted their own independent debates.  This debate, like the entire Honors College curriculum this year, is inspired by MTA’s participation in Civic Spirit, a program which has brought together a group of schools to restore civic education to the high school curriculum.  Organization representatives visited MTA to witness the Honors College debates and cheer our boys on.


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