By: Binyamin Fox (‘21)

At the beginning of each school year, the MTA Debate Team is proud to welcome a crop of new members. Under the direction of Debate Coach Mrs. Harriet Levitt, these new debaters are taught how to effectively research and debate issues and are immediately exposed to extemporaneous and public speaking. On Monday, October 7th, the MTA Debate Team hosted its annual in-house Novice Debate Tournament, in which six teams (three affirmative and three negative) debated whether cell phones and other personal devices should be banned in school. Following a round of spirited debate amongst the novices, experienced debaters participated in an extemporaneous speaking exercise before the club, which was followed by a D’var Torah given by Yosef Flamenbaum (’21). At the end of the night, awards were presented. Congratulations to Yitzy Shaykevich (’21) and Nosson Oirich (’23) on winning First Place Team, Emmett Weisz (’22) and Meir Ness (’22) on winning Second Place Team, Yitzy Shaykevich on winning First Place Speaker, Eitan Zomberg (’22) on winning Second Place Speaker, and Emmett Weisz on winning Third Place Speaker. The MTA Debate Team is looking forward to what is sure to be a tremendous year!


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