By: Shua Pariser (‘20)

On Friday morning, November 1st, MTA Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors headed to the Mountain Laurel Resort, for what would be an unforgettable Shabbaton. Talmidim enjoyed a variety of activities on Friday afternoon, including mini golf, archery, games, swimming, hiking, and football. Many talmidim also participated in an optional pre-Shabbos learning seder to set the tone for a meaningful Shabbos. The festivities began with a lively Carlebach-style Kabbalas Shabbos, led by Rabbi Axelrod, followed by a delicious seudah, complete with inspiring divrei Torah and zemiros.  Afterwards, each Shiur broke out into groups, where talmidim and rebbeim had the opportunity to share words of Torah and spend time together. The evening closed with an energetic Tisch, which included a story from Rabbi Mendelson, learning a new song with Rabbi Taubes, and a Q&A session with Rabbi Taubes and Rabbi Schiller, where talmidim asked thoughtful questions on various topics related to Judaism. Shabbos morning began with a student-run Shacharis minyan, led by Baalei Tefilla Donny Morris (‘20), Moshe Loew (‘20), and Akiva Warburg (‘22) and Baalei Keriah Peretz Levin (‘20), Emmet Weisz (‘22), Michael Wein (‘22), and Rabbi Gopin. After davening, everyone enjoyed another amazing seudah, fun activities led by alumni, rebbeim, and faculty, and a learning seder with Yeshiva Fellowship rebbeim and talmidim. Shabbos closed with Shalosh Seudos, featuring a kumzits with Rabbi Schenker, Maariv, and an emotional Havdallah with Rabbi Axelrod. The action continued after Shabbos with an exciting trip to H2ooooooh! water park and the fun didn’t end there! After returning to the hotel, talmidim participated in a Melave Malka, watched a hilarious video presented by the Seniors, and finished the night with a bonfire and kumzits.  The achdus was palpable throughout the event, as talmidim from different grades and classes had the chance to spend time with each other and strengthen their existing friendships, while also building new ones. The entire Shabbaton was infused with the extraordinary energy that MTA is known for and was truly a memorable experience for talmidim, rebbeim, and faculty.


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