We are excited to begin our third annual MTA Chanukah Lights campaign! On each day of Chanukah, we will introduce you to a member of the MTA family who makes a tremendous impact on our community and beyond and serves as a role model for our talmidim. Stay tuned as we continue to share the amazing individuals who bring light to our yeshiva.  Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is Rabbi Michael Taubes (’76). We are incredibly fortunate to have Rabbi Taubes as a role model for the MTA community and are proud to include him among our alumni. From the two times he has served as Head of School to his current role of Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Taubes has led our yeshiva with wisdom, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and Torah values. “I certainly never imagined when I was a student here in the 1970’s that I would one day be the Rosh Yeshiva! I am most grateful for having been blessed with this opportunity, because I had a wonderful educational experience, both at MTA and at YU, as a student and I am now able to give back by helping to ensure that subsequent generations of talmidim walk away with the same positive feelings of success and accomplishment as I have. Being a Rosh Yeshiva means trying to positively influence the minds and hearts of each new generation of talmidim by showing them how the Torah speaks to each of them and thereby deepening their religious commitment. I try to impact our talmidim, not only by teaching and imparting information, but by being a role model to whom they can look up and connect. I daven with one group of talmidim each morning, I give chaburos to small groups on various topics three times a week, I visit classes to discuss hashkafah and related questions, and I make myself available to talk with talmidim on a one-to-one basis. My goal as a Rebbe has always been to inspire each talmid to become a true Ben Torah whose entire life is always informed by his awareness of the presence of Hashem. A Ben Torah is measured not necessarily by how many blatt of Gemara he has mastered, how many perakim of Chumash he has studied, or how many simanim in the Shulchan Aruch he knows, as important as one’s significant accomplishments in those areas are. Rather, a Ben Torah is measured as well by how he acts, how he interacts, how he talks, and how he carries himself. I want our talmidim to learn to always be ready, and indeed proud, to demonstrate their recognition of their relationship with Hashem in their day to day behavior.” Thank you, Rabbi Taubes for sharing your light and wisdom with our yeshiva community. Please join us in honoring Rabbi Taubes and his tremendous contributions to our yeshiva at the YUHS Annual Dinner on Wednesday, January 8th. Make your reservations today at yu.edu/hsdinner


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