Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is YUHS Board member, Mordy Rothberg. Mr. Rothberg was the Founder and Executive Chairman of one of the largest personal lines insurance brokers in the country and is currently Co-President of Chai Lifeline, in addition to being involved in various other Jewish organizations. As an active Board member and Co-Chair of our annual Scholarship Campaign, Mr. Rothberg is instrumental in fostering the growth of our yeshiva. “ I believe that every child is entitled to a Jewish education. When I looked at the number of scholarships that MTA awards each year, it was clear to me that this could only be sustainable with the help of the entire MTA community. I worked together with the administration to create the Scholarship Campaign and to ensure that supporting scholarships became one of our top tzedakah priorities. My wife, Eva, and I have tremendous hakaras hatov to the yeshiva and the administration for all that they do for our children. The dedication and love they have for each individual student is extraordinary and they have created a true makom Torah, that provides such a warm and vibrant environment for the talmidim to grow. The skills, friendships, and growth that our sons, Yoni (‘19) and Avi (‘23), have experienced at MTA, are unparalleled. Earlier this year, before Yoni left for his year in Eretz Yisroel, his 12th Grade Rebbe, Rabbi Shulman, met with him on a Thursday night to learn and discuss Yoni’s goals and plans to help make sure he makes the most out of this experience. This is just one of many examples highlighting the incredible rebbeim at MTA – they aren’t just a Rebbe for a year, they are role models, mentors, and Rebbeim4Life. MTA is truly our yeshiva, and although high school is only four years, those years are critical in shaping the proper hashkafa and direction of our boys for the rest of their lives. I strongly encourage all parents to get involved and to help our yeshiva continue to grow. I promise, you will get more than you give, and it will show your children what your priorities are and set an example for them.” Thank you, Mr. Rothberg, for bringing light to the entire MTA community.


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