MTA talmidim enjoyed a whirlwind week of Chanukah celebrations and activities! The festivities included Maccabi Games, Shiur vs Shiur Jeopardy, 11th and 12th Grade Shiur trips, 9th and 10th Grade seudas with their rebbeim, a yeshiva-wide Chanukah swag contest, sports, a lively Chanukah chagiga, Chanukah auction with exciting prizes, latkes, churros, and more.  Talmidim also had the opportunity to reconnect with their rebbeim from last year during a special Shiur and Freshmen got a preview of Senior year at Shiur with the 12th Grade rebbeim.  Rabbi Mendelson and Rabbi Tani Cohen also hosted special chagigas in their homes for their talmidim. MTA is grateful to Director of Student Activities Rabbi Danny Konigsberg for all of the hard work and effort he put in to make Chanukah so special for the entire yeshiva.


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