Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is MTA Rebbe and Freshman Grade Dean, Rabbi Eli Cohn (‘00). Rabbi Cohn’s dedication, not only to his talmidim, but to the entire Freshman grade, is absolutely remarkable. His warmth and kindness make every talmid feel special and his relationships with talmidim last well beyond their years at MTA. “It is a special feeling to teach in the same yeshiva in which I learned. I know how much I benefited from my rebbeim here, and I feel charged to pass on that same legacy to the next generation of MTA talmidim. I want my talmidim to have the drive to be involved in Talmud Torah for the rest of their lives and for them to recognize the critical role that Talmud Torah plays in their lives as passionate religious Jews. One of my goals is to help my talmidim recognize the fantastic talents and gifts that Hashem has given them to make them successful in learning. It is beyond exciting to introduce my talmidim to a new concept and watch them grapple with a new sugya or idea. To be able to help them grow in their learning and nurture their relationship with Hashem is an incredible privilege. I hope that my talmidim know that I am always there for them, that I am truly invested in their success, and care for them. It is so important for talmidim to see that their relationship with a Rebbe is not limited to a classroom, but means so much more and is a relationship they will have for the rest of their lives.” Thank you, Rabbi Cohn, for serving as a guiding light in our yeshiva community.


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