Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is our Science Department Chair and STEM Coordinator, Ms. Megan HLZacks. Ms. HLZ, as she is fondly known, has been teaching at MTA for 14 years, and can most often be found in our new, state-of-the-art STEM Lab, bringing learning to life for her students. Ms. HLZ is always positive and nurturing, as she encourages her students to create, problem solve, learn, and grow. She attends every Robotics tournament, cheering our teams on, as they use the skills she has taught them to reach their goals. “As a teacher, I want my students to allow themselves to be curious, to seek answers to their questions, and to know that learning is an iterative process which requires taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them. I help my students learn to believe in themselves and be persistent when things get difficult, because I want them to enjoy the process of learning, not just the knowledge gained at the end. I empower my students and encourage them to become lifelong learners and develop  a love for learning that extends outside of the classroom. I, myself, am curious and love learning. I constantly take classes in the summer, read, watch documentaries, and listen to podcasts to help further my growth. I also try to model the same behavior I expect of my students. I hold myself accountable, I show them that I am willing to reflect on myself and learn from my mistakes. I have developed quality relationships with students and colleagues, which are so important to me, and teach my students the value of genuinely caring about others.” Thank you, Ms. HLZ, for lighting the path towards continued learning and growth for all of us.


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