Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is Senior, Rachamim Seltzer. As President of the Debate Team, Editor-In-Chief of POLIS, Editor-In-Chief of the yearbook, member of the Robotics, Soccer, and Chess teams, as well as the Arista Honors Society, Rachamim still makes time for Night Seder and other Torah learning opportunities outside of Shiur and is at the center of the MTA community. “One of the most important things I have learned at MTA is to be a Ben Torah in everything that you do. Whether you are on the court for a soccer game, at a debate match, or learning in the Beis, you need to act with the knowledge that Hashem is watching you and cares about what you think and say. I do my best to always act in accordance within the Torah’s guidelines and present myself as an ambassador for Hashem. I’ve learned a lot from so many of the wonderful rebbeim and teachers that we have at MTA, but if I were to single one out it would be Dr. Berliner. Not only has he taught me Science and Math skills and how to become a better student, but Dr. Berliner has done something even more important. He has shown me and my classmates the importance of living our lives as Torah jews. Even though he is not a rebbe, we recently celebrated a siyum in his class when he finished Maseches Moed Katan and he gave us a shiur that day instead of class. Every now and then he will share a thought or idea about an upcoming yom tov or parsha and shows us the value of prioritizing Torah in our everyday lives. A role model that exemplifies Torah U’Maddah is one of the many unique qualities of  MTA. Now that I am graduating, I plan to pursue Biomedical Engineering as a Pre-Med student. MTA has helped me hone a solid work ethic and has provided me with a strong educational foundation on which to build my future.” Thank you, Rachamim, for enhancing our yeshiva with your many skills and talents and for sharing your light with our community.


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