As the coronavirus pandemic continues and schools transition to a more sustained approach to distance learning, MTA introduced MTA@Home. The program reflects the yeshiva’s goal of joining talmidim at home to learn, rather than feeling the distance of remote learning. “Our rebbeim and faculty have invested countless hours in MTA@Home, providing our talmidim with the best educational experience at home, while also balancing the needs of their own families during this challenging time,” said Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn. “It’s truly inspiring to see how quickly our team, as well as our talmidim, have adapted to this new educational model and how much they have accomplished so far.” Last week’s MTA@Home highlights included: An interactive demonstration in Mr. Goldberg’s Freshman Biology Lab, using an actual red snapper to illustrate the dichotomous keys used to identify different types of fish. Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur has been participating in the Vhaarev Na program, which focuses on chazzara b’retzifus – constant chazzara over extended periods of time with no interruptions. Talmidim have been learning and chazzering Maseches Megillah together all year, which has been more challenging to do over the past week. Rabbi Danto reached out to singer and composer Rabbi Baruch Levine, who composed the Vhaarev Na song, asking him to give divrei chizzuk to the talmidim. Rabbi Levine joined Rabbi Danto’s Shiur via Zoom and not only shared inspirational words, but also sang Vhaarev Na with the talmidim! Rabbi Tani Cohen’s Julius Wrubel Beis Medrash Katan Shiur enjoyed a virtual lunch, featuring a Q&A and a kumzits with live music. MTA@Home also provides support for both parents and faculty. The yeshiva’s Guidance Department led an informative presentation for parents on creating healthy habits and structure for their children. MTA’s administration also held daily virtual faculty meetings to ensure that all rebbeim and faculty receive the proper support and guidance as they continue to provide talmidim with the strongest and most engaging virtual educational experience.



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