By: Binyamin Fox (‘21)

On Wednesday, March 25th, MTA’s Debate Team met and debated the topic of whether or not the Electoral College should be eliminated. The resolution was that the United States should dissolve the Electoral College system. Alumni and former Debate Team Captains Noam Mayerfeld (’19) and Benny Mermel (’19) as well as Senior Rachamim Seltzer served as guest judges. Sophomores swept the individual speaker awards with Mordechai Fox winning First Place, Eli Canter won Second Place, and Chaim Hecht took home Third Place. Sophomores Emmet Weisz and Mordechai Fox won First Place Team, Sophomore Chaim Hecht and Freshman Dovi Goldberg won Second Place Team, and Sophomore Eli Canter and Freshman Natan Horowitz won Third Place Team. Special thanks to the team’s Faculty Advisor Mrs. Levitt for her constant support and guidance, Junior Moshe Jacobson for scoring and tech support, and MTA’s IT Director Mr. Finkelstein for getting the event set up on Zoom!


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