It was another great week of learning and fun activities at MTA! Highlights included Freshmen in Rabbi Kahn’s Shiur had the incredible opportunity to hear divrei Torah from MTA alumni Zeve Kornwasser (‘18), brother of Noam Kornwasser (‘23), Hami Alexander (‘13), brother of Moshe Alexander (‘23), and Ari Rosenberg (‘19), brother of Abie Rosenberg (‘23). Rav Gav Friedman shared divrei Torah and chizuk with Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur. The talmidim also made a siyum on the third perek of Maseches Megillah and even “danced” together to celebrate! In just a week and a half, more than 50 MTA talmidim learned (outside of Shiur) for a total of over 200 hours and the yeshiva held a raffle to acknowledge this amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to raffle winners, Abie Rosenberg, Yosef Flamenbaum, Shimi Kaufman, Donny Morris, Chaim Hecht, and Avraham Posy, who each won an Amazon gift card! The entire yeshiva was privileged to join a world-wide tefillah gathering, organized by Agudath Israel of America. Talmidim and rebbeim joined thousands of Jews across the country in davening together. In addition to all of the amazing learning, talmidim also had a great time participating in fun activities throughout the week, including grade-wide Taboo games with Rabbi Konigsberg and their Grade Deans, Let’s Make A Deal MTA@Home Edition with DJ Dov, and Likrat Shabbat with talmidim from Yeshivat Makor Chaim in Israel and their rebbe, Rav Dovid Rabinovich.


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