MTA Juniors Shneur Agronin, Shimi Kaufman, and Akiva Kra are spearheading a new chessed initiative to support the elderly and bring them happiness during quarantine. “When the stay at home order was announced, we realized that elders in nursing homes and assisted living facilities would no longer be able to have visitors. We reached out to many local nursing homes and spoke to them about how we, as MTA talmidim, can help keep elders happy during this lonely and saddening time,” they said. “After discussing the ways in which we can be most helpful, we decided to ask talmidim, their families, and community members to write letters, make cards, and take pictures and videos to make the days brighter for the elderly population who cannot have any visitors during this time. We are excited by the amazing responses we have received so far from our fellow talmidim and hope that this meaningful chessed opportunity brings happiness to the elderly.” Letters, cards, pictures, and videos can be sent to to


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