Current MTA Sophomores who were in Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur celebrated the completion of Maseches Megillah for the second time over the summer. During their Freshman year, Rabbi Danto’s talmidim participated in the Vhaarev Na learning program, which has revolutionized the way that yeshiva high school talmidim are learning, and even met its Founder, Rabbi Dovid Newman. The program focuses on intense chazara b’retzifus – constant review of the material for an extended period of time with no interuptions. Throughout last year, talmidim completed many retzifus sedarim, where they learned for more than two hours straight without stopping, which culminated in a siyum on Maseches Megillah. The talmidim loved their learning sedarim so much that they decided voluntarily to continue their chazara over the summer and complete Maseches Megillah for the second time. Many of the talmidim were mesayem during the summer and the rest of them are well on their way to making their second siyum on the masechta. Rabbi Danto was so proud of his talmidim that he surprised them with hand made shtenders so they can continue to learn and grow.


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