MTA offers exciting weekly intramurals for each grade, including soccer, flag football, wiffle ball, and spike ball. “We recognize that many of our talmidim enjoy playing organized sports and look forward to their hockey, basketball, and soccer practices,” said MTA Athletic Director Rabbi Evan Genachowski. “While decisions regarding yeshiva league sports are being made, we are excited to provide all of our talmidim with daily opportunities to keep their skills sharp in the off-season and have fun with their friends in a safe and socially distant way.” In addition to ongoing flag football and nok hockey tournaments, a variety of indoor games and activities are also available, including ping pong and mini golf. “Talmidim can be found during breaks and lunch periods throughout the day, playing spike ball outside with their rebbeim or challenging our Head of School Rabbi Kahn to a Nok Hockey game, with their friends cheering on the sidelines,” Rabbi Genachowski shared. “These activities enhance our daily schedule, contribute to the incredible energy and achdus that MTA is known for, and help talmidim build relationships with their rebbeim and friends outside the classroom.”


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