Torah is the foundation of the entire MTA experience and talmidim are privileged to have a variety of extra Torah learning opportunities throughout each day. From pre-Shacharis chaburahs to lunch time chevrusahs, Night Seder, dynamic shiurim and so much more, every talmid has a chance to enrich their lives through limmud haTorah. Recently, a special group of talmidim who have been learning V’Ani Tefillah with Head of School Rabbi Kahn every morning before davening celebrated a siyum together at Rabbi Kahn’s home. “The commitment and enthusiasm our talmidim show towards learning is inspiring,” shared Rabbi Kahn. “It’s a privilege for me to learn and grow with them and we are extremely proud of all of our talmidim for utilizing their free time to learn in such meaningful ways.” In addition, MTA rebbeim are always creating new ways for talmidim to engage in Torah learning outside of Shiur. Rabbi Gopin started an optional Night Seder on Tuesdays for talmidim in his Junior Shiur, in addition to MTA’s regular Night Seder program. Each week, the Shiur gathers together on Zoom for 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted learning. As an added incentive, talmidim who participate are entered into a weekly raffle for exciting prizes. “While we only have one raffle winner each week, all of my talmidim who participate in our optional Night Seder win the greatest prize of all – connecting to hakadosh Baruch Hu!,” said Rabbi Gopin.


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