It was an incredible first semester of learning, growth, friendship, and fun at MTA! Talmidim finished the semester strong and celebrated their learning accomplishments. While the semester would normally culminate with each rebbe opening their home for a Shiur Shabbaton, rebbeim created new opportunities to bond with their talmidim in yeshiva and help them prepare for finals. Rabbi Danto hosted a “Thursdayton” for his Freshman talmidim, balancing intense chazzarah and fun. They spent multiple sedarim in the Beis Medrash engaging in uplifting chazzarah for their Gemara bechina. Each talmid had the chance to have a farher with Rabbi Danto to see how much they learned in Pesachim and how far they have come in their learning since the beginning of the year. Talmidim heard divrei chizzuk from special guest Rav Gav Friedman, who joined them live from Israel via Zoom. They also took breaks between sedarim and had a blast playing roller hockey and enjoying amazing food, including lunch from Sender’s. Rabbi Pearl and Rabbi Kerner bonded with their talmidim and helped them get ready for their Gemara finals at a Motzei Shabbos Melave Malka and chazzarah seder in yeshiva, while Rabbi Schenker and Rabbi Gopin held chazzarah sessions for their talmidim on Zoom. “Each rebbe cares deeply about his talmidim and wants them to feel successful in their accomplishments,” said Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker. “Our rebbeim truly go above and beyond to form relationships with each talmid and our talmidim know that they can count on their rebbeim to be there for them and to support them both in and out of the classroom.” Each day of finals began with divrei chizzuk and a shiur for each grade, because it’s always important to make time for Torah every day. Talmidim will also participate in the yeshiva’s Bein Ha’zmanim learning program, where they are encouraged to learn during each day of winter break. Every talmid who participates will be entered into a raffle for great prizes. Following finals, each talmid received a special MTA sweatshirt, designed by members of Student Council, to commemorate the end of first semester and the beginning of what will surely be another amazing semester of learning and growth!   


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