Academics at MTA aren’t limited to the classroom. They are opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and unique experiences. The yeshiva’s dynamic instructors bring learning to life for their classes every day and ensure that each talmid is an active participant in class discussions and has the chance to take on leadership roles. MTA’s Chemistry classes recently celebrated Dmitri Mendeleev’s (inventor of the Periodic Table) 187th birthday with Chemistry Week. Talmidim created and presented posters highlighting each element on the Periodic Table, which were displayed throughout the building for everyone to see and learn from. The week continued with a virtual presentation by Professor Laura Garfinkle, a former NASA Chemist and grandmother of an MTA talmid. Professor Garfinkle discussed her work in developing the polymer fluid used in the beryllium stabilizing gyroscope on the Apollo space capsule. The week culminated with exciting magnesium “flash powder” demonstrations for each class and a special Mishmar with Rabbi Yitzchak Friedman, a certified Sofer, who demonstrated how ink is made and discussed the chemistry and halacha involved in writing sifrei Torah, mezuzahs, and tefillin. Talmidim also enjoyed participating in a watch party, organized by Chemistry instructor Mr. Chayim Goldberg, were they joined together on Zoom to watch the new Perseverance Rover land on Mars. They engaged in a lively discussion on Mars travel and talked about what this new mission hopes to accomplish. Interactive experiences like these make academics come alive for talmidim and help them develop a true love of learning and interest in continuing to expand their knowledge outside of class.


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