MTA recently launched the Shalsheles Hamesorah Mishna Project, a program that provides grandparents and their grandchildren, parents or other relatives and children, with the meaningful opportunity to take advantage of the shalsheles hamesorah (the chain of tradition), and increase Torah learning in the MTA community. The program began on Pesach and will extend through Shavuos, enabling talmidim to learn a masechta or part of a masechta of mishnayos with a grandparent, parent, or other relative over this time period. The program is accessible to grandparents, parents, and relatives, regardless of their background in learning. “It has been a long year, and many of our talmidim have missed the opportunity to spend quality time with their grandparents and relatives,” shared MTA Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker. “We recognize the impact this has had on our families and have created the Shalsheles Hamesorah Mishna Project as an exciting way to bring everyone together.” Each week, program participants receive divrei Torah videos from MTA rebbeim and talmidim, introducing each of the Sedarim of Mishnayos. In addition to the joy of learning together, participants will join together on Thursday, June 3rd at MTA’s annual Yeshiva-Wide Seudas Preidah & Siyum, to celebrate their learning and make a siyum on all of Shisha Sidrei Mishna.


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