Our Names, Not Numbers elective course for Seniors concluded on Sunday with a session devoted to emunah for the entire Senior grade. It is a fitting way to end the program, as talmidim have heard so many incredible stories of survivorship while interviewing Holocaust survivors for their documentary. Despite the horrors they endured, these survivors still maintained their trust in Hashem. This year’s film is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Norman Lamm. Rabbi Lamm was a great supporter of the Names, Not Numbers program at our yeshiva and during its first years, he led the emunah session for participants. This year’s session began with an introduction from Rabbi Kahn as well as words of encouragement from Rabbi Mark Dratch, son in law of Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Norman Lamm, who discussed Rabbi Lamm’s legacy, followed by the session on emunah featuring  Rabbi Taubes.


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