Seniors in MTA’s Julius Wrubel Beis Medrash Katan program celebrated a tremendous year of learning and spiritual growth at their end-of-year siyum and seudah on Wednesday, May 26th.  They were joined by the program’s sponsors, Deena and Harvey Wrubel, to commemorate the yahrtzeit of Mr. Wrubel’s father, Julius Wrubel, for whom the program is named. The talmidim, along with their rebbe, Rabbi Tanchum Cohen, Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes, and the Wrubels, enjoyed divrei Torah, singing, and a seduah. Aharon Poulad (‘21) made the siyum on Seder Moed, on behalf of the entire BMK Shiur, after giving a d’var Torah on some of the more esoteric Taharos aspects of Masseches Shabbos. Mr. Wrubel also shared an inspiring d’var Torah as well as insight into who his father was. The Julius Wrubel Beis Medrash Katan program provides qualified MTA Seniors with an exceptionally intensive learning experience, thereby transitioning them into the world of Beis Medrash learning in which they will continue to thrive in Eretz Yisrael, at Yeshiva University, and other mekomos ha-Torah thereafter. Talmidim are exposed to the very best of the traditional yeshiva atmosphere and study at a level not often made available to high school students. MTA is grateful to the Wrubels for supporting this meaningful program.


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