MTA Seniors and their rebbeim headed off for an adventure-filled three-day trip to mark the end of their high school journey together. The trip, which took place on Tuesday, June 1st through Thursday, June 3rd, was based at Camp Dora Golding and included an unbelievable array of activities and events. From Six Flags Great Adventure, whitewater rafting, paintball, hiking, endless sports, and midnight BBQ’s to lively minyanim, kumsitzes, divrei Torah, shiurim, and chevrusahs, everyone had an incredible time. Seniors truly enjoyed this final opportunity to solidify the friendships they built with one another over the past four years as well as the strong relationships they developed with their rebbeim and teachers. The trip culminated with MTA’s Yeshiva-Wide Seudas Preidah & Siyum, where Seniors had one last chance to celebrate their learning, spiritual growth, and development as b’nei Torah with the entire yeshiva and all of the rebbeim who made an impact on their lives throughout their 4 years at MTA. It was a truly memorable experience that they will take with them after graduation.


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