MTA welcomed the Class of 2025 with an exciting grade-wide orientation on Tuesday, August 31st. Talmidim met their rebbeim and teachers and learned more about the incredible MTA community they are now a valued part of. They spent time with their Cub2Lion Senior mentors, who will help guide them through their first year of high school and beyond, met with the yeshiva’s warm and welcoming Freshman team, and enjoyed treats from the ice cream truck. “We are so excited to welcome the Class of 2025 to the MTA family,” said Freshman Grade Dean and Mashgiach Rabbi Eli Cohn. “Freshman orientation is a great way for us to get the talmidim acclimated to their new schedule and environment before yeshiva starts and to help them bond as a grade and start building what will become lifelong relationships with friends and rebbeim. It’s also a nice opportunity to get to know them better both as individuals and as a grade so we can tailor our Freshman experience to the needs of the grade as a whole, and also to the needs of each talmid.”


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