MTA is proud of its alumni, Rabbi Ben Zion Feld ‘13, Meir Finkelstein ‘13, Rabbi Shai Kaminetzky ‘13, and Noah Shapiro ‘13, who were named to the prestigious Bella and Harry Wexner Kollel Elyon at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) this year. RIETS is thrilled that so many of its future stars hail from MTA and are strengthening the mesivta while gaining valuable experience as mechanchim. To see so many Kollel Elyon fellows starting in MTA is a testament to the strength of our high school,” said RIETS Dean Rabbi Menachem Penner. “My rebbeim at MTA were the first people who exposed me to high level learning. They helped open my heart and mind to the depth, beauty, and joy that truly characterizes what learning Torah is all about,” shared Rabbi Feld. “Throughout our time at MTA, we had so many amazing rebbeim and role models who actively emphasized the importance of Talmud Torah and its central role in our lives as young b’nai Torah. This not only facilitated us learning quantitatively more while in the halls of yeshiva, but motivated us to continue our love and passion for learning, and avodas Hashem in general, for years to follow,” Rabbi Kaminetzky explained. The Bella and Harry Wexner Kollel Elyon is an intensive four year learning program that trains talented young men to become the rabbinic leaders of the next generation. In addition to their high level Torah study, guided by Rosh Kollel Rabbi Mordechai Willig and Rabbi Michael Rosensweig, there are two other major components of the Kollel which enable Kollel Fellows to flourish: coursework and internships. Fellows take intellectually stimulating courses where they master an area of contemporary relevance and prepare to present their own ideas on that topic at a public conference which will be held in May. Additionally, Fellows receive hands-on experience through internships, where they are guided by experienced, successful pulpit rabbis and educators. They hone their skills by teaching in prestigious New York Synagogues, and in preeminent New York area schools. “We are thrilled for our alumni and excited to watch as they continue to achieve more incredible accomplishments. It’s particularly meaningful to us that Rabbi Feld and Rabbi Kaminetzky have returned to their MTA roots as rebbeim, who are making an impact on our talmidim as Torah scholars and leaders,” said Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn. “Whether it be utilizing the hours of learning in the Beis Medrash, or the revamped Leadership Training Program under the guidance of Roshei Yeshiva, mentors, and shul rabbanim, the Wexner Kollel Elyon has provided us with an opportunity to enhance all of our interactions with our talmidim at MTA,” said Rabbi Kaminetzky. MTA talmidim are privileged to have such inspiring role models in yeshiva as well as on the YU campus and they look forward to continuing to learn both with them and from them.



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