First semester is coming to a close and that means getting ready for finals. For Freshmen, this is another first in a year full of new experiences and MTA is committed to making sure that the entire Freshman grade feels confident and prepared. Director of Guidance Mrs. Tamar Sheffey met with each 9th Grade class and presented Finals 101 – an informative workshop that provides an overview of the finals schedule, a discussion on important details, and tips on how to properly prepare. At the conclusion of the workshop, talmidim are encouraged to schedule one-on-one meetings with a Guidance team member if they need more individualized help creating a study schedule or dealing with the stress of finals. “This session is part of a special series of Freshman workshops designed by our Guidance Department to help 9th Graders adjust to high school,” said Mrs. Sheffey. “These workshops are paired with trips and team building activities throughout the year to form our enhanced Freshman Experience. In addition, our Guidance team members are always available to meet with Freshman talmidim as they continue to navigate their first year of high school.” 


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