By: Donny Book (‘22)

After losing to a powerful Frisch team earlier on in the season, the MTA Varsity Hockey Lions were looking for a win. Coming into the game as the underdogs, the Lions planned to prove everyone wrong. From the first puck drop until the final horn, the Lions came out with a strength nobody has ever seen before. In the first period, on both sides, the theme was defense. Captain Ezra Landa (’22) shut down a few opportunities for Frisch, but the offense couldn’t pull through to give the Lions a lead just yet. In the second period, the Lions decided to strike. In a span of 2 minutes, they scored 2 goals from behind halfcourt from Dani Greenberg (’23) and Noam Kornwasser (’23). Two goals just weren’t enough for the Lions. Later on in the period, Captain Ori Engel (’22) knocked in a deflected shot, awarding the Lions a 3-0 lead. In the third period, Frisch had a few good shots which could have put them on the board, but star Goalie Shmuel Rosenthal (’22) was right there to simply say “no”. Later in the game, Frisch scored a meaningless goal, which cut the Lions’ lead to 2, but MTA’s lead was just too much for Frisch to catch up to. The Lions avenged their loss and remain a force to be reckoned with. 


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