Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur went to Monsey on Thursday, March 10th, where they completed another incredible Retzifus Chazzara, chazzering everything they have learned in Maseches Megillah so far this year. They learned for 2 entire hours straight with no interruptions! At the end of the seder, they met with Rabbi Dovid Newman, Founder of the V’Haarev Na learning program, which has revolutionized the way that yeshiva high school talmidim are learning. Rabbi Newman was amazed by the dedication the talmidim have for their learning and was completely blown away by the fact that many of them have chazzered each daf over 10 times and some have even chazzered more than 100 times! Rabbi Newman was so impressed that he gave each talmid an interlinear siddur, sponsored a seudah for them which will take place next week, and invited the entire Shiur to the special V’Haarev Na Simchas HaTorah event that is only open to grades 12 and up! The Retzifus Chazzara culminated with singing and dancing as well as a seudah to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.


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