MTA recently welcomed Makor Chaim 11th Grade talmidim, Yair Sussman, Binyamin Blank, Petachya Spolter, and Amichai Rhein (AKA the MC4) to its yeshiva! The MC4 have joined MTA’s Shiurim and classes and are enhancing the yeshiva’s programming for the next few weeks, as part of MTA’s unique exchange program with Yeshivat Makor Chaim. Located in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Yeshivat Makor Chaim was founded by noted Jewish educators Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz and Rabbi Dov Singer. Each year, a select group of MTA Sophomores (and sometimes Juniors) have the opportunity to live in Israel and attend Yeshivat Makor Chaim and a group of YMC talmidim spend time at MTA, where they enhance the spiritual culture of the yeshiva. The MC4 were welcomed with a special breakfast for the entire Junior Grade as well as Sophomores who just returned from their trip to Makor Chaim, featuring a d’var Torah from Yeshivat Makor Chaim Rosh Yeshiva, Rav David Rabinowitz. The MC4 have already led many exciting programs at MTA, including an Ivrit discussion in Morah Haibi’s Ulpan class, where they discussed their experience in the US so far, “blitzim” in each Shiur, which begin with an icebreaker activity followed by thought-provoking discussions encouraging talmidim to explore various spiritual areas, and Likrat Shabbat on Thursdays to get everyone ready and excited for Shabbos, which include a musical kumzits and dancing.


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