MTA talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur joined hundreds of talmidim at the V’haarev Na Simchas HaTorah on Thursday, April 7th, which began with a 3 hour retzifus chazzara. The event also included dancing, a seudah, divrei Torah, and a kumzits with Baruch Levine and Eitan Katz. Talmidim are participating in the V’haarev Na program, which has revolutionized the way yeshiva high school talmidim are learning by encouraging talmidim to experience the sweetness of Torah through constant chazzarah, and were excited to join in this incredible event. Talmidim had recently met with Rabbi Dovid Newman, Founder of the V’Haarev Na learning program, who has inspired thousands of teenagers and adults to grow in their love and appreciation of Torah. After watching the talmidim during a 2 hour retzifus chazzara and hearing about the incredible learning they have achieved, Rabbi Newman was so impressed that he invited them to join the Simchas HaTorah even though it was really only open to older talmidim. The event inspired talmidim to continue their advanced learning and they spent the Pesach bein hazmanim immersed in Torah!


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