Hello All!

This is to remind you that BANNER and all related services will be brought down on Thursday, June 14th 5:30PM. Everything should be up and available by Tuesday, June 19th 9AM.

During this down time, BANNER will be moving to our new server environment, housed in the VanEtten building on the Einstein campus. The BANNER database, forms server, and Self Service (MY YU) server are all being upgraded and moved to this facility.

Should you require access to production data during the shutdown, we will have available the demon clone for you to use. This clone will be taken on Thursday morning, prior to the shutdown. You can access this clone as you always do, through the BANNER testing environment.

For information about the new links to MY YU, workflow and other applications, please go to the new BANNER home page at: http://banner.yu.edu on the 19th.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation, as we make this important improvement to our infrastructure.


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