4/11/13 Update Thurs @ 9am: Larry Simmons

The building is back on the network as of 9:19am this morning. However, we are still testing/confirming continuity so there should NOT be an all clear just yet.

Additional updates will be posted as the become available.

4/10/13 Update @ 5:30pm – Larry Simmons

 Both fiber connections (primary and redundant) are still down, so the entire building is off the network.

 To eliminate the supervisory module on the 1925 switch (assuming both interfaces failed), even though the logs shows no hardware issues, we rebooted the 1925 switch and still no connectivity.  Techs are testing our additional fiber strands to the building.

4/10/13 Update @ 4:28pm – Larry Simmons

The 1925 Eastchester Housing building lost network connectivity about an hour ago. Although we have two fiber connections (for redundancy), both are out.

No ETA at the moment as we are quickly working on the issue.


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