ITS will be phasing out LDAP authentication to YU-Wireless for allowing users to access the campus wireless network. Authentication has been migrated to a system called Active Directory(AD). AD is the authentication system (username/password) that you use to login to email. So you should already have an AD account. At this time ITS is notifying you that you need to login to YU-Wireless using your AD username and password rather than you LDAP username and password.

ITS will be decommissioning the LDAP authentication process on Friday April 18th at 12pm(noon). Please begin to use your AD (exchange mail credentials) between now and April 18th 2014.

If you don’t know your Ad login and password please contact the ITS helpdesk. If you have an issue logging into YU-wireless using your AD Credentials please contact the ITS helpdesk.

It would be helpful to making a smooth transition that does not affect your access if you can test and report any issues in advance of April 18th 2014.

Lastly this change only affects access to YU-Wireless. If you are using LDAP to authenticate to any other systems this change will not affect your access to those systems. The LDAP servers are not being changed or removed at all.


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