4/14/2014 10:34 AM – Update JC

The Upgrade of the YU-Wireless/Guest systems has completed successfully.  YU-wireless/Guest services have been restored and are operational.  The Ed Center SSID has been restored to its original password and is operational.  TNS is monitoring the systems but does not expect any issues.

There is one AP that we are aware that has not come back up.  It is located at Cardozo in room 1108.  ITS will be replacing this AP as soon as we can.  This means there may be degraded wireless service in the area around 1108.  Most likely Thursday or Friday of this week

Thanks for your time and consideration,

ITS Help Desk


4/9/14 11:51 AM – Update JC

Dear Students,

The Yeshiva University Information Technology Services (YU-ITS) will be doing a major upgrade to the wireless capabilities of Yeshiva University on the night of 4/13-14. This will affect the YUWireless and YUGuest networks. This does not affect wireless connectivity via Fios, wired connections, or any other outside Internet service.

The upgrade will take about 15 minutes between the hours of 3 AM and 4 AM on April 14.

To accommodate students who may be studying, ITS has made the following arrangements:

  1. The Educational Center wireless (EdCenter) will not be affected.
  2. If you require continuous wireless connectivity between 3 AM and 4 AM, that will only be available in the Educational Center.
  3. Please go to the Educational Center, change your SSID to “EdCenter”, and login using the password “edcenter1234”.
  4. The special password will be effective Sunday 4/13 from approximately 10 AM to Monday 4/14 at approximately 8 AM.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Terence P. Ma, PhD

Assistant Dean for Educational Information Resources

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University


Dear YU Community,

ITS will be performing a software upgrade to the YU-Wireless/Guest infrastructure on all campuses.  This upgrade will take place on Monday April 14th @ 3am (Sunday night).  There will be a disruption of YU-wireless/guest/setup during the upgrade process.   The disruptions will last 15mins in any given area with each campus taking roughly one hour to upgrade.  ITS will be upgrading the system on the following schedule:


Einstein Campus –  April 14th 3am – 4am.

Wilf Campus – April 14th 4am – 5am

Beren Campus – April 14th 5am – 6am

Cardozo Campus- April 14th 6am – 7am.


Each campus service disruption time will only affect that campus.  The service interruptions will be limited in duration and will roll through the environment.

If there are any issues after the upgrade connecting to YU-Wireless/Guest after 8am on Aprill 14th 2014, please contact the HelpDesk at helpdesk@yu.edu or dialing #6123 from your office phone.



ITS Helpdesk


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