100 YU Students Travel to The Hague to Support Israel’s Right to Self-Defense By Construction of Security Fence

Feb 19, 2004 — One hundred Yeshiva University students will travel to The International Court of Justice at The Hague on Sunday, February 22 to participate in an international protest against the Court’s hearing on the legality of Israel’s security fence.

The Hague Protest Photo Gallery

This student initiative is a response to the UN General Assembly’s request for The Court’s opinion on the security fence. Many democratic governments, including Russia and the United States, do not recognize the court’s jurisdiction on this issue.

“More than 900 innocent civilians have been killed in terrorist attacks by suicide bombers coming out of the West Bank and Gaza in the last three years. Israel, as a sovereign state, has a responsibility, and a right like other nations, to protect its citizens,” said Yisroel Schachter, president of the Yeshiva Student Union.

The rally will conclude with a silent vigil in front of The International Court of Justice in memory of those killed by Palestinian terror.

In addition to the solidarity mission, students will meet with the local Jewish community and representatives of the World Union of Jewish Students. During this period of instability for Jews in Europe, the presence of YU students will offer moral support for their fellow Jews.

Yeshiva University is linked to Israel’s history, its present and future. Each year more than 600 young men and women enroll in the University’s S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program.

For more information, visit www.yustudents.com/haguemission

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