Daily Archives: May 26, 2009

Einstein Graduate Who Bore Twins During Her Studies Plans Residency in Obstetric-Gynecology

Bat-Sheva Maslow’s graduation from Albert Einstein College of Medicine represents not only the end of her formal medical education, but the conclusion of four turbulent years of complex choices and unexpected rewards. The 27-year-old’s extraordinary, against-all-odds story highlights her tenacity, perseverance and focus during difficult times.

Valedictorian of Stern College for Women Headed for Mount Sinai School of Medicine

It is hardly surprising that Grace Charles, this year’s valedictorian of Stern College for Women, graduate of the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program and recipient of the Professor Moses L. Isaacs Memorial Award for Excellence in Biochemistry, has a knack for science. Her mother studied medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and her grandfather is a chemical expert on the highly toxic chemical methyl isocyanate, who was sent to Bhopal, India in the 1980’s to investigate a poisonous gas leak.