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Miriam Lottner

Inroads and Outcomes for Women Entrepreneurs

Inroads and Outcomes for Women Entrepreneurs

Miriam Lottner ’02S Promotes the Growth of Opportunities for both Israel and the Women who Live There Educators today speak often about the need to have more women in STEM fields, and the career of Miriam Lottner ’02S provides a great case study of what can happen when women enter professions that have been historically

Senior NSA Official Speaks to Stern Students

Chief Risk Officer Anne Neuberger Speaks About Balancing an Orthodox Life With Her Career On Monday, October 8, the Stern College for Women S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program welcomed Anne Neuberger, chief risk officer of the National Security Agency (NSA). Neuberger, who is also a member of the Stern College Board of Overseers, spoke about