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The Age of Anxiety (and Innovation) for the Academic Library

The Age of Anxiety (and Innovation) for the Academic Library

Paul Glassman Director of University Libraries At an annual conference for academic librarians at Rutgers University, James G. Neal, then Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian at Columbia University, spoke on “The Imperfect Storm:  The Prospects for Systemic Change Across Academic Libraries.” (1) Scandalizing his audience, he began by diagnosing us as suffering


The Future of Holocaust Literature

Dr. Karen Shawn Associate Professor of Jewish Education and Administration; Founding Editor, PRISM: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators Holocaust literature will continue to serve as a central repository of trauma and memory for the generations who seek to learn the essentials of the Shoah. Narratives, poetry and testimonial literature offer the power and poignancy

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Has the Digital Age Made Books Obsolete?

Dr. Tamar Avnet Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Marketing Department, Sy Syms School of Business In order to answer this question, one first needs to understand what value a book brings to its readers. In marketing, we differentiate between a product’s features and the value or benefits derived from these features.  For example,


The Future of the Book: A Historian’s Perspective

Dr. Jeffrey Freedman Professor of History Predictions of the book’s imminent death are nothing new. From the advent of mass circulation daily newspapers in the 19th century to the spread of movies, radio and television in the 20th, the prophets of cultural doom have repeatedly declared the book to be an endangered species. And yet

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The Future of the…Book?

David Lavinsky Associate Professor, English Writing at midcentury, Marcel Thomas, keeper in the Department of Manuscripts at the Bibliothèque nationale, surmised that “the new media of our age, broadcasting and the cinema, may help us grasp how ideas and works can be transmitted without passing through the medium of print.”(1) Scarcely six decades later, written

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How Much Reading Does a Human Being Need?

Rabbi Shalom Carmy Assistant Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Bible Online, I can access thousands of Torah books. I can read or confirm a citation in thousands of classic works of literature, philosophy and history. Innumerable scholarly journals, once available only in specialized libraries, appear on my screen with the tap of a few keys.

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Novels, Screens and the “Self”

Dr. Nora Nachumi Associate Professor, Department of English, Stern College for Women What is the worth of the novel in a world that revolves ever more around screens?  This question lies at the heart of several courses I teach.  One way to address it is to think about the qualities that belong to the novel: