Another Face Of Yeshiva University

Yeshiva Alumnus and ChampionsGate Participant, Nahum Twersky, On YU’s Big Tent

There is a narrative that Yeshiva University has shifted to the right, religiously-speaking. I attended the recent leadership retreat sponsored by YU’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF), an annual get-together in Orlando, FL at the ChampionsGate resort, where I encountered a whole other face of the Yeshiva and University that demonstrates how that perception is incorrect.

This conference, established six years ago by YU President Richard M. Joel, hosted by University Trustee Ira Mitzner and led by CJF Dean Rabbi Kenneth Brander, clearly reflects Yeshiva University’s commitment to Torah Umaddah, its signature principle of integrating Torah and modernity without any compromise to the former. For its part, the CJF represents the University’s vision for Jewish communities that are tolerant, relevant and meaningful, as well as passionate about a Torah Umaddah lifestyle.

Over 450 lay leaders, philanthropists, rabbis and Jewish educators from around the world attended this year’s conference. Representing North and South America, the UK and Israel, they explored and imagined new horizons at forums and panels on sustaining day schools, infusing Jewish life with greater spirituality, meeting the financial challenges of community-building, the challenges of dating, early marriage and increased divorce, navigating home-school and home-shul partnerships, and the impact on Jews in the Diaspora of the divide between secular, observant and haredi Jews in Israel. The most important elements were the opportunities to meet others from all over who also build and lead communities and communal organizations. Read the full article in The New York Jewish Week

Nahum (Neal) Twersky ’69YC, ’72R, ’72BR, is a marketing consultant from Teaneck, NJ who is active in a number of Jewish and Israel-related organizations.


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