Best of Both Worlds: Doing Research in Israel

Twenty-two YU Students Work on Multiple Projects at Bar-Ilan University

Since 2011, selected Yeshiva University students have participated in the Bar-Ilan University Yeshiva University Summer Science Research Internship program, where they have the opportunity to do seven weeks of research in their chosen field of study at Bar-Ilan’s laboratories in Ramat Gan.

This year, 22 Yeshiva University students took advantage of the internship, including Albert Dweck and Michal Mizrahi, who enjoyed the best of both worlds by doing research and visiting Israel at the same time.

Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck of Brooklyn, New York, currently a biology major at Yeshiva College, worked under Dr. Rafi Haddad researching how the mouse brain uses smell to navigate its surroundings. For Albert, this program offered the “perfect balance of Torah and Maddah” by allowing him to “be in a lab environment during the day and a Yeshiva environment at night.” Not only were there shiurim [lectures] at the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Institute on the YU Israel campus, but there was also a Daf Yomi shiur that took place each morning on the bus to the Bar-Ilan labs.  Albert felt inspired “by the idea that I am able to spend a summer in Israel with like-minded peers while doing something I believe we all love.”

Michal Mizrahi

Michal Mizrahi from Teaneck, New Jersey, is studying chemistry at Stern College for Women.  She worked under the guidance of Dr. Lior Elbaz to design more efficient and inexpensive hydrogen fuel cells as an attractive alternative energy source to fossil fuels. She has enjoyed working at Bar-Ilan, loved staying at YU’s Israel campus and found the weekly trips organized by the BIU-YU program to be noteworthy. “We get to see the ‘behind the scenes’ view of the places we visit,” says Michal. “For example, we went to IAI, Israel’s aviation center, where they explained to us how they design certain aircraft and gave us a tour to see military drones, planes and more.” Prior to participating in the program, Michal could not see herself pursuing a career in research. After loving her experience this summer, Michal is now considering research for her future.

As the students pack their bags to return to the United States and begin a new semester, they return not only with hands-on lab experience but also with a broader understanding of many disciplines and a new community of students with whom they have shared such rich memories. We cannot wait to see what these students will accomplish in the years to come.

Group photos of the YU students and teachers at Bar-Ilan
YU students and teachers at Bar-Ilan University