Business Education at Yeshiva University

A Message from President Richard M. Joel

We recently announced a series of exciting steps at Yeshiva University to further advance education for our undergraduate students. Our priority is to offer each student in every realm of study the finest education and preparation for their successful future. The crucial next step in our advancement is to create a unified undergraduate faculty. This will allow us to deliver an even better education and, ultimately, better futures for our students and graduates. Faculty unification will also help us streamline the way we deliver student services and create a less cumbersome administrative structure on both undergraduate campuses. We recruited Professor Lawrence Schiffman as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education to work with the faculty and deans to guide this process.

Permit me to focus on the implications of these advancements for our business students.

The Syms School is alive and well and its faculty are key partners in building a stronger undergraduate future. As we move forward in refashioning undergraduate education, our commitment to preparing our business students for successful careers remains a central goal. We will achieve this through a number of steps over the coming period of time:

  • The course offerings and requirements for next year remain unchanged.
  • We proceed energetically to complete our process of accreditation through the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
  • The faculty moves forward in strengthening academic offerings and building on all the opportunities that a unified undergraduate faculty will make possible, specifically in economics and mathematics, but in other disciplines as well.
  • We increase cooperation among departments.
  • We emphasize academic and career advisement to business students, focusing even more actively on provision of internships, mentoring, and assistance with job placement.
  • We broaden our programs of alumni involvement in order to increase interaction between Syms alumni and current students.

Throughout this process, we will be working with students and alumni to solicit input and assistance.

Let me summarize the foundational principles that have served to guide us as we embark on the process of reimagining undergraduate education at Yeshiva University:

  • To create a unified undergraduate faculty to better serve our students on the Beren and Wilf campuses.
  • To greatly improve the interaction between faculty of similar disciplines.
  • To create intellectual and academic opportunities to foster greater interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • To provide all the first-rate opportunities presented on each campus to students on both.
  • To reorganize undergraduate faculty to better integrate the business programs, and arts and sciences offerings.
  • To centralize student services and activities to maximize the quality and efficiency of these offerings and to ensure, where appropriate, greater consistency of academic policy.

The bottom line should be clear. Preparation for success in the world of business is a key focus of Yeshiva University’s educational future. Yeshiva University should be a choice destination for the young men and women seeking the finest education in Torah Umadda and positioning themselves for maximum success in business careers. Syms is a proud part of our past and present, and a prouder part of our future.

Richard M. Joel

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