Cardozo News Brief: Dec. 6, 2019

Campus News

Professor Deborah Pearlstein Authors Piece in The Atlantic

Professor Deborah Pearlstein writes in The Atlantic about the Trump administration’s view of their authority over U.S. foreign policy: “Given this history, it should be unsurprising that Congress has repeatedly enacted legislation in the modern era prohibiting the use of funds to support various U.S. military activities abroad…And in response, presidents have complied. This is in part why the current president’s critical—and apparently unlawful—delay in delivering congressional authorized security assistance to Ukraine is so extraordinary.” Read more»

Professor Jessica Roth Discusses Impeachment Proceedings on MSNBC; Publishes Piece in Federal Sentencing Reporter

Professor Jessica Roth told MSNBC, in the event of a Senate trial on impeachment, “the risks are the unknowns. You prefer not to have unknowns going into a trial especially from key witnesses.” Regarding a separate topic, Professor Roth also wrote an article in the October 2019 issue of the Federal Sentencing Reporter, titled Rehaif v. United States: Once Again, a Gun Case Makes Surprising Law.

Professor David Rudenstine’s Research on Criminal Justice Featured in The New Yorker

Professor David Rudenstine was featured in a New Yorker article for work he did in 1975 as part of the Citizens’ Inquiry on Parole and Criminal Justice. The report declared that the parole system had “failed dramatically” and was “beyond reform”. The New Yorker article on contemporary parole issues quoted Rudenstine’s conclusion as still valid more than 40 years later: “It is regrettable that the primary loyalty of public officials…seems to be the maintenance of things as they are.” Read more»

Professor Sam Weinstein Quoted in Bloomberg Regarding Internet Privacy

Professor Sam Weinstein addressed the issue of Internet privacy and the antitrust cases in Bloomberg, saying, “Consumers seem just willing to give up the data. If that’s what’s happening, it’s hard to see antitrust interceding.” Read more»

Professor Lindsay Nash Quoted in Daily Beast on Asylum Rejection Rates

Professor Lindsay Nash was quoted in Daily Beast regarding why asylum rejection rates are spiking in NY Immigration Court. “Where there’s a question about a ‘particular social group,’ judges in other parts of the country may have taken a narrower view,” she said. The Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic’s Teaching Fellow, Mauricio Norona, was effectively quoted, saying that new judges would be especially careful to follow the lead in the attorney general’s ruling. Read more»

Talks and Writings

Professor Kate Shaw spoke on a panel at Princeton University called Beyond the Bench: Federal Judge, Public Engagement & Civil Rights.

Professor Suzanne Last Stone will speak at the 51st Annual Conference of the Association of Jewish Studies in San Diego on Dec. 17 and the Plenary Session of Annual Conference of Society of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Ethics, in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 12.

Professor Michel Rosenfeld is a speaker at a conference of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities which will take place in Jerusalem December 16-17.