Cardozo News Brief: Feb. 7, 2020

Campus News

preLaw magazine ranks Cardozo #19 for Public Defenders

preLaw magazine‘s winter edition ranked Cardozo #19 for Public Defenders. The rankings were compiled through employment data, curriculum, tuition, debt and loan repayment options and ranked four different categories of public service including public interest, government, public defenders/prosecutors and clerkships.

Professor Stanley Fish Talks Free Speech in Institute of Art Talk

Professor Stanley Fish explores how we should think about free speech in an Institute of Art seminar. “Free speech is not an academic value,” he said. “It’s not something colleges and universities should be protecting; it’s not the business college and universities are in.”

Professor Jessica Roth Talks on Bloomberg Law about Impeachment Trial

Professor Jessica Roth told June Grasso on Bloomberg Law’s impeachment podcast that the questions being asked by the Democratic team were carefully constructed: “They don’t want to provide the opportunity for the opposing side to answer the question in a way that’s beneficial to them,” she said.

Professor Peter Markowitz Talks to Daily News About Sanctuary Cities and ICE Policies

Professor Peter Markowitz told the New York Daily News, “It’s a common tactic to exploit individual tragedies to attack policies regardless of the public safety data underlying them,” in reference to President Trump’s claim that sanctuary city policies led to the rape and murder of an elderly Queens woman.

Heyman and Burns Centers Present “Ethical Considerations for Lawyers in 2020”

This year’s annual business ethics CLE event was moderated by Adjunct Professor Mike Stone, who is also the director of compliance at the Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Center on Corporate Governance. Corporate lawyers with a mix of specializations, including entertainment law, civil law and white-collar law, discussed common challenges in ethics in today’s legal landscape.

Floersheimer Faculty Analyze the Impeachment Trial

Professor Michael Herz, Professor Kate Shaw and Professor David Rudenstine offered their assessment of the impeachment trial at “What the Heck Just Happened? Assessing the Trump Impeachment,” sponsored by the Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy.

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