Cardozo News Brief: Jan. 10, 2020

Campus News

Professor Deborah Pearlstein Writes Two Articles in The Atlantic, Focusing on President Trump and the Military

Professor Deborah Pearlstein published two pieces in consecutive editions of The Atlantic focusing on President Trump’s perspective on the military’s role in the constitutional order. “In the meantime,” she said, “it would be a benefit to the country in more ways than one for Congress to remind the president that the military’s generals are not really ‘his.’” First articleSecond article

Professor Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum and Human Rights Clinic Conduct Assessment for Indigenous Population in Brazil

The Benjamin B. Ferencz Human Rights and Atrocity Prevention (HRAP) Clinic, in partnership with UNISINOS Human Rights Centre, conducted an environmental and human rights impact assessment for the indigenous population in Autazes, a municipality in the Brazilian Amazon.

Professor Kate Shaw Talks with Chris Hayes about Impeachment

Professor Kate Shaw sat down with MSNBC host and spouse Chris Hayes to talk about the meaning of impeachment on NBC’s Why Is This Happening podcast. She said, “And again, so [the President] has these powers that he enjoys by virtue of the office and the abuse of those powers, in some ways they don’t violate the criminal code, because we don’t write laws that only target conduct that only the president can engage in.”

Cardozo Student Discusses her Work on High-Profile Innocence Project case

Cardozo’s Innocence Project clinic recently celebrated a victory in the case of Texas man Rodney Reed, who was granted a reprieve by the state’s highest criminal appeals court just days before his planned execution. Cardozo 2L student Clare Haugh worked with the Innocence Project on the case.

Talks and Writings

  • Professor Deborah Pearlstein presented at in the National Security Law Section at AALS on Jan, 5 and won best paper from the national call for papers.
  • Professor Suzanne Last Stone will speak at the the Plenary Session of the Annual Conference of Society of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Ethics, in Washington, D.C. on January 12.
  • Professor Kate Shaw will be part of a panel at Yale Law School on Jan. 22 to discuss Reproductive Rights & Justice Stories on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
  • Professor Christopher Buccafusco will present his paper “Incentivizing Accessible Design” at the NYU Tri-State IP Workshop on Jan. 10. Professor Jonathan Ashtor will present “The Case for Patent Clarity.”